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Talofa Sir Wildcard, there's plenty that we could talk some shit about but I've got a question. Jermaine Defoe has returned to the EPL after not really enjoying his Toronto experience but long ago our own hero Ryan Nelsen was given the flick. Any idea what Nelsen is now up to now? Does he have a coaching future?

G'day Doc. Yeah, hmmm. Interesting question that. I actually have no idea what the man's up to, he's really laid low since he got sacked by Toronto, hasn't he? I find it hard to believe that a guy with the respect and admiration that he has wouldn't be able to get another job some place. The first thing most kiwis would say is: 'Wouldn't it be great to see him at the Phoenix?' And yeah, it would be. But not as great as it would be to see him coaching in Europe or maybe again in America. If he went to England, he'd either have to work his way up from the lower leagues or get himself an assistant or lesser coaching role on a Championship/lower EPL team, given both the English dismissal of the MLS and the fact that he wasn't really success there anyway. That'd still be outstanding though, especially in England where non-European coaches are extremely rare. Then again, maybe he decided he didn't like the management stuff and just wants to retire to a Canterbury farm or something. Either way, he's earned it. 
Hey, there've been these awful rumours recently that Trent Merrin may be leaving the Dragons. Please tell me they're not true. Not after Brett Morris already left.

That pathway idea is interesting, it's probably more beneficial for a coach like Nelsen to climb the ladder in England (or Europe) than land a few head coaching roles and impress the European clubs. The idea of Ryan Nelsen just hiding out on a farm in the South Island is much, much better though. If he's been wise and has bought a modest abode he wouldn't even need to work, just farm the land ... I think I'm living out my dreams through Nelsen. 

Well Wildcard, I think the rumours are true - the Warriors have offered Merrin a slice of the pie and his crew are considering it. You better get over the grieving process because Merrin will leave the Dragons (unless they throw a million at him for each season of the deal) but I'm sure there's many other suitors as well as the Warriors. I just think the Warriors have a fair amount of cap space plus a desperate need for his services

I don't know that they're desperate, but I do know that a forward pack that boasts Trent Merrin, Ryan Hoffman, Simon Mannering, Ben Matulino and Jacob Lillyman is not one I want to mess with. From what I read, the Dragons have maxed out so my best case scenario is that he agrees to see out the last season on his contract. That makes me sad, Doc. He's probably my favourite player in this St George team - there's nothing I enjoy more in the NRL than Merrin forging forward with three guys hanging off of him for those last few metres on the end of the tackle. He's a monster. And if he has to go anywhere, I suppose that the Warriors are the best option - at least then I'll be able to watch him without feeling sick about it. Right now it doesn't feel like Brett Morris plays for another team, it just feels like he's left my one. The moment I see him in a Bulldogs jersey is going to be a brutal realisation. I'm presuming that a successful Warriors bid for Mez rules out any hope of Keiran Foran returning home?

The Dragons are at the opposite end of the stick to the Warriors with the Drags trying to do a bit of a Penrith Panthers and re-align the books. And like Penrith I reckon the Dragons will be alright without Merrin ... I think Merrin's impact on the Warriors will be greater than that of his departure from the Gong. You would have to assume so DubC (Wildcard for those with no coolness in them), Foran's going to cost much more than Mezza but they'll both be multi million dollar deals. I think teams are looking at the market like 'do we want Fozza, Mezza or Cherry-Evans?' which is why getting Merrin would be a great snatch for the Warriors because I'm not convinced that Fozza and DCE will leave Manly.

Agreed, I think the Manly boys both stay but I disagree about the impact of Merrin. The Warriors are stacked! Sure, they'll love a guy with Merrin's leadership and work-rate but to the Dragons he IS the forward pack. He's missed a few games with Origin and injuries and they're never the same without him. Funnily enough, while his defence will probably be the advantage he brings to NZ (argue the case if I'm wrong), it's his attacking threat that the Dragons need. He chews up the metres and he can finish inside the 10 where the STG have lacked a bit of try scoring touch recently (more chip kicks to Nightingale, I say). I dunno, I'm worried. Great players are leaving and not being replaced. That either goes one of two ways: the Southampton model where young players and squad guys step up and excel or the Celtics model where everything bottoms out. I fear the latter.

Merrin would be huge for the Warriors defensively, tightening up the middle so I think you're right there. Is this turning in to a counselling session!? I think you're still on the Premiership wagon, you've got plenty of young talent who will make you much happier in once the season gets underway. Breaking news, on the Warriors Forum, someone who knows someone who said something who is obviously 100% correct said Foran's coming. Jokes.

I'm scared to ask you DubCizzle,  your mate Matt Henry was the best bowler for the Black Caps the other day! Is that weird or what?

Mate, I'm pessimistic. But I'm glad to see somebody still has hope for my team. That's not weird at all! I called it from the start. Eh, maybe some one'll get injured, I don't think he felt like he had a spot taken away from him or anything. He's never been a regular. Trent Boult was messy and Adam Milne even more so which feels like a bit of an issue but in reality we have so many games to go that it really doesn't matter yet. Better to learn the lessons now than later. Also let's not forget that this Sri Lankan batting lineup, it may be old by goddamn is it good!

I've got your back sir, unless they're worse than the Raiders and Sharks after 5 rounds then I'm caspar. This series is a good series for the fan and the player because we and they can't dwell too much on the last game, they have to prepare for the next game asap. By now the 3rd ODI has taken place and there's something new to bitch about ... meanwhile Brendon McCullum has hit a 50 and hundy.

Yep, this is B-Mac's stage. He's in the form of his life, and with his injury history I think he knows it won't last so he's making hay (like Ryan Nelsen?) while the sun shines. If we have a good World Cup, I have a sneaky suspicion he'll be our top scorer. 

If I can change the tone a little bit here, did you see that Austin Rivers has been traded to Doc Rivers' Clippers in the NBA? Father and son teaming up. Isn't that the weirdest thing? It's the highest level of the sport and he's still getting coached by his dad like he's 10 years old all over again. I wonder if Doc's one of those coaches that sees something in his own kid that nobody else can. Austin Rivers starting over Chris Paul next game?

I think I'm praying that someone else in the Black Caps steps up with the bat because they're going to need it. The ultimate weird situation and you fully expect Doc Rivers to play it with a straight bat, while Austin, well dear old Austin hasn't exactly set the NBA alight has he so he's got no real say in the matter. Did the Clippers make any other moves? They're one of the teams who needs a bit of a revamp with not much action coming off their bench huh?

Yep, but there isn't much to go by out there. There are too many competitive teams all fighting over the few available players that might make a difference and it'd be counter-productive to trade for a guy because they'd have to lose something in the process. Nate Robinson's a free agent, he's a possibility that'd do alright. Of course, the Detroit Pistons have changed the game on that account. They turned themselves from disaster to playoff contenders by cutting their main guy! Josh Smith gets flicked and suddenly they're a really good team. (Maybe that'll happen when Merrin leaves the Dragons? - Not likely). Addition by subtraction, that's not a strategy you expect to see in the transaction-heavy NBA.

Nate Robinson, shit he's the ultimate journey-man isn't he? Maybe if Merrin was doing his usual antics, charging up the field, carrying defenders and then he tried to slip an offload out every tackle that ALWAYS resulted in a turnover. That's the best bet for Merrin and Josh Smith being friends ... maybe Feleti Mateo?

What is a bit of a worry for us selfish kiwis is Brook Lopez's possible move to OKC. But I think many of us look at it as Steven Adams' simply loosing minutes and then productivity - what are some positives for Adams if this all happens?

Nah, I'm not worried in the least. It's Kendrick Perkins that'll get slammed by it, and I don't think it'll happen anyway. At least not for a while. Brooklyn mostly wanted Lance Stephenson from Charlotte and that's not happening. The other thing about that is don't forget that Steve and Brook are already boys. Steve brought him to NZ a while back to do some coaching clinics, remember? That could be a decent partnership and probably a boost not just for Adams but for the whole team's chemistry. Not sure, but it doesn't seem like Kendrick Perkins is an especially fun guy to be around. Add to that the fact that Lopez brings a much better offensive game (most do compared to Perkins) and Adams should have more freedom. If he's seeing more minutes with the second unit, that probably means less overall minutes but more production. There are only so many shots you get to make when KD, Russ and Mr Waiters are all on the court. As for Nate Robinson? He's done alright for a guy who's not even 6 foot. He must be Kevin Hart's favourite player for sure.

Yes it does look like Broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooklyn aren't too keen on the deal, which is a bit of a bummer as I was imagining a Ibaka/Lopez/Adams front court. Now that's worthy of a ship. It was an interesting insight in the pshyce of kiwis, especially kiwi media folk who only kind of looked at it as a detrimental move in terms of Adams. 

I've got dem peptides if Nate wants to grow a bit and I've got peptides if Kevin Hart wants to get funnier and make better movies. Basically I've got peptides for anyone and anything, which is why I'm heading to Sydney to hook Michael Clarke up. 
Slang him a few, injections in the hammy, it's what I do
I can hook up the whole crew and Darren Sammy, the West Indies too
They'll hook me up, I've even got an elderly peppy for your Granny
Horse tranquilizer, make a donkey got moo
But nothing for Stuart Broad, he just gets a boo.
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