We Won the World Cup! A Poem.

Written soberly by the Wildcard


Argentina. Nice to see ya.

Richie’s trip. Conrad’s card.

Namibia had no answer

To Nehe Skuds or Savea

Georgia tough. Huff and puff.

Gorgodze. Good enough.

Tonga next. Ma’a’s ton.

Woodcock injured. All Blacks won.


Dan, Dan. You’re the man.

Hansen has a master plan.

Critics here and everywhere.

Never worry, never fear.


Quarter finals. France in Wales.

Superstition. Bitten nails.

Mutiny. A bluff, we see.

Nine more tries. J got three.

Shaking tacklers. Busting through.

Julian? Or Jonah Lomu?

49 point victory.

Records broken. No worries.


Dan, Dan. You’re the man.

All aboard the AB’s van.

Except Savea the Muss.

He’ll be driving his own bus.


Springboks. Rivalry.

Semi-final. Hard rugby.

Trading kicks. Trading goals.

Kaino booked. Down 10-12.

Carter’s droppie. Barrett scores.

Up by 2 and holding on.

Turnovers and lineouts stole.

Whitelock’s reach. All Blacks roll.


Dan, Dan. You’re the man.

Can he kick it? Yes he can.

Two great teams, one must win.

Shag says all the beer’s on him.


Finally. Final time.

Wallabies. The Final climb.

Nehe right before the break.

Ma’a’s magic. Ben’s mistake.

Aussies score and score once more.

DC’s boot. All Blacks lore.

Beauden races to the line.

World Cup winners. One more time.


Dan, Dan. You’re the man.

Richie lifts the Cup again.

Golden medals, hip hooray!

Sonny Bill gave his away.