#KiwiUFC Mark Hunt vs Curtis Blaydes In Perth (UFC 221)



The way Mark Hunt reacted to the UFC's reaction to him implying that he had some level of concussion symptoms, definitely made this more than a storm in a tea cup. Hunt went all-in on firing shots at the UFC and this blew up the story to all sorts of nek levels, now that Hunt's been sussed out and put on the UFC 221 card in Perth (February 10), it all feels like a storm in a tea cup.

All Hunt was required to do was head over to see the UFC, get cleared by their medical team and boom goes the dynamite; Mark Hunt's back. Hopefully we can put that weird two month period behind us and move on to Hunt's fight against Curtis Blaydes, which is a funkier match up than the Hunt vs Werdum match up any way.

And it's on a better card. Earlier this week, Robert Whittaker was handed the UFC middleweight title and his first defence of the belt was lined up for this UFC 221 card in Perth. Now we've got Hunt on the same card and instead of Hunt fighting against another OG veteran in Fabricio Werdum, we get a better gauge of Hunt's current standing against the up and comer Blaydes.

At 26-years-old, Blaydes is adding some young spice to the heavyweight division that largely consists of OG veterans. He's five fights into his UFC career and his only loss came in his UFC debut, against another fresh face in Francis Ngannou - who has stormed his way to a heavyweight title fight against Stipe Miocic. Blaydes also has a no-contest on his record after he tested positive for the great herb, Jah bless.

If Hunt is still gunning for another heavyweight title shot, he needs to dispatch of Blaydes and get things back on track. Despite the conspiracies of the UFC instigating drama against Hunt because of Hunt's legal action, Hunt has once again been handed a favourable deal as he gets a fight on what will be a monumental Perth card; after Hunt was given a fight in Auckland and then scheduled to fight Werdum in Sydney. 

Having been cleared to fight and given another fight in Australia, all that's left for Hunt to do is win in impressive fashion. Anything less and Hunt will linger in heavyweight oblivion, a win and Hunt puts himself in position to level-up to fight a heavyweight contender.

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Peace and love 27.