#KiwiUFC: Appreciating Luke Thomas' Analysis of Israel Adesanya


For many around Aotearoa, Israel Adesanya is the UFC middleweight champion of the whole wide world but without much knowledge of what Adesanya is actually up to inside the octagon. The skills on offer via Adesanya are so efficient and rather nek level, that learning then appreciating Adesanya's craft has enhanced my experience of following Adesanya's journey that much more funky.

There is one bloke who breaks things down the best, especially with regards to Adesanya. Luke Thomas has offered some sort of technical insight into Adesanya's craft, almost after every UFC fight Adesanya has had and this has helped me understand what I'm watching with Adesanya, so hopefully this can help your further appreciate the prodigal talents of Aotearoa's favourite kiwi-African.

As Thomas suggests in the more recent videos, this rabbit hole shows how Adesanya has transitioned through his brief UFC career. Not only will you learn about Adesanya's skills, but you will also become aware of the improvements made from fight to fight and how Adesanya has dealt with slightly different challenges on offer from different fighters. It's not just information to help you appreciate Adesanya, this also serves as clear documentation of Adesanya's development.

These videos are listed in order from Adesanya's earliest UFC fights to his latest, chur...

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