#KiwiUFC Takeover: UFC234 (Tuesday)


Yesteryday was Monday and we started the #KiwiUFC takeover week leading into UFC 234. Today's Tuesday and that means more #KiwiUFC content. To add a bit more spice, I'm going to chuck in some stats from the most recent fights of our respective #KiwiUFC fighters all via Fight Metric. Starting with Robert Whittaker...

Here are Whittaker’s last few fights and the funky note here is that Whittaker has more strikes in all these wins, as well as ‘losing’ the takedown battle but really winning it because those takedowns didn’t amount to anything:


Then we have some stat breakdowns from the most recent fight vs Yoel Romero, in which you get a nice taste of the variety on offer with Whittaker’s striking:


And some videos: