27fm Album Jukebox - February 2019


FEELS – Post Earth

The first thing that gets you is the propulsive percussion, those drums elevating these dreamy garage tunes and grounding them at the same time. Next thing that gets you are the post-punk energies, got some definite vibes of Sleater-Kinney crossed with Cate Le Bon. Got that SK defiance and that CLB weirdness. Makes for a pretty excellent record, to be honest.

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - 2009

The 'stoned gentlemen' back up their How Fly mixtape from 2009 with the 2009 mixtape in 2019. Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y have rather different styles of delivery, which keeps songs interesting and enticing, no matter how the subject matter can get repetitive. The joy of 2009 is found in leaving it on in the background as there's plenty groove to the production and silky rhymes, while also serving as a wee dose of inspiration hustling guidance.

Tim Presley’s White Fence - I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk

Old mate must be getting pretty popular if he’s now ‘Tim Presley’s White Fence’ and not just good ol’ White Fence. Following on from a combo effort with Ty Segall last year, which wasn’t as good as their first combo album, Timmy’s back with those trippy harmonies and vaguely British sounding voice (even tho he’s another of the San Fran psych geniuses). This is an album that takes its time, with wacky synths and deceptively catchy harmonies buried within the weirdness. Few better examples of that than Lorelei. Probably not for everyone but Syd Barrett would be proud.

Sarah Louise – Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars

Some proper old school styled folk guitar with a hint of modern styling, you basically know what to expect from there on. Beautiful music written with immense care and vision that shimmers like the sun peeking through the forest canopy, where you can see the beams of light reaching down towards you as if they were the arms of a loving deity. Go on.

Sean Price - 86 Witness

Prior to his death, Sean Price was working with producer Small Professor and a few years later we are graced with more posthumous bangers from P. As you'd expect from Price and any other Duck Down artist, 86 Witness serves as insight into the rugged underground hip hop scene of New York and USA. You can never go wrong with rhymes from Price and the production from Small Professor shines while laying the canvas for Price to spit fire.

Giggs - Big Bad

Ever since seeing this video of Giggs a few years ago, albeit a long time after his career sparked up, Giggs has been a noteworthy follow out of London. Giggs takes some time to get acquainted with as his hard hitting, yet equally mellow bars glide over the heftiest of beats. There are grime elements to Giggs' music, well, the grime we like and less of the grime that has been fluffed up to try crack foreing markets. Some beauty lays in how Giggs' typical delivery rarely changes, juxtaposed against his willingness to pursue different sounds and vibes with each song and project. Hearing British raps never gets old via their vocabulary and poetic styles, making Giggs the perfect bloke to get your fix from.

Gary Clark Jr – This Land

Another typically eclectic effort from a bluesman never prepared to stay within the constraints of twelve bars. Having said that, he’s still at his best when he’s working with structures like on The Governor, , and the spine-tinglingly good Pearl Cadillac. Some of his genre bending doesn’t strike as hard but then maybe another set of ears will hear something different. What every pair of ears will hear is a killer guitarist with a great voice who is willing to experiment and is growing as a songwriter with each subsequent record. As much Curtis Mayfield as he is Muddy Waters or Jimi Hendrix. Not a damn thing wrong with that.

Czarface & Ghostface Killah - Czarface Meets Ghostface

Czarface is a hip hop trio of 7L, Esoteric and Inspectah Deck, the latter of which is from Wu-Tang Clan. They formed Czarface back in 2013 to serve up five albums prior to bringing in Ghostface Killah after relying heavily on MF DOOM as their guest rapper in previous projects. There isn't a whole lot that separates Ghostface and DOOM, so for fans of Czarface this is a reliable project, although the switch in guest from DOOM to Ghostface does offer a nice switch given their last album came last year.

Cass McCombs – Tip of the Sphere

A bit of a veteran of the old indie folk thing, Cass McCombs brings the goods here with a vast and cosmic set of Americana folk tunes… if that makes sense. Like, they fly and burrow at the same time. Think Elliott Smith meets the Grateful Dead. Got more than a bit of that Steve Gunn vibe from his album last month too. Estrella and Rounder are the tracks you wanna hear first as the tasters.

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