Footy Rhubarb

Team of the Week:

                                                    Lloris (Spurs)

           Johnson (Liverpool)              Skrtel (Liverpool)             Davies (Swansea)

Redmond (Norwich)    Cazorla (Arsenal)     Jedinak (Palace)    Hernandez (Swansea)

                                               Ben Arfa (Newcastle)

                                                Giroud (Arsenal)


Hero of the week:

There weren’t many goals scored in the Premier League this weekend but there have definitely been decisive goals. Giroud, Sturridge, and Ben Arfa all scored winning goals for their respective teams in 1-0 victories that were either very tight or stale. Any man who steps up and grabs a games solitary goal in a hero but for this week it has to be Giroud. Although Sturridge’s goal was a great bit of movement and improvisation I think the tall Frenchman put in a brilliant display overall as well as grabbing a tidy goal. Giroud is starting to find consistency in his goal-scoring and performances and is repaying the faith shown in him by Wenger. He held the ball up, showed great touch, brings other into play and looks a player with great confidence which he lacked last season. His goals was well worked by Arsenal and then finished with a great flick into the near post by Giroud who could have got more goals if it wasn’t for the fine performance from Lloris in the Spurs goal. Giroud was at the centre of everything causing the Spurs defence all sorts of trouble, he looked a leader out there.

Nipple of the week:

The weekends game were a bit tame this week especially considering we had 2 big derbies in the shape of Liverpool V Man U and Arsenal v Spurs so it isn’t as clear cut this week whose been the biggest nipple. It’s out of Di Canio and referee Anthony Taylor. Taylor refereed the Cardiff v Everton game and missed some crucial calls with one being an absolute blatant penalty. Baines (who had another brilliant game) stormed into the box and was totally bowled over by Medel, it was a rugby tackle! Taylor was in a great position to see it and just waved play on, everyone in the ground though it was a penalty, they were just waiting for the whistle! Taylor is the same ref that caused controversy in the Arsenal v Villa game on the opening day and we’re starting to see a trend from the man. He creates more issues then has to and his unnecessary decisions (or lack of them) seem to add hostility to the game which leads to more stupid fouls and yellow cards, basically he struggles to control a game. I don’t like to pick on refs but we’re 3 games in and in 2 of them he’s managed to cause unnecessary controversy.

The nipple of the week has to go to Di Canio though. John O’Shea got sent off as Sunderland went down 3-1 away to Palace. Now to be fair O’Shea made a mistake as he lost the ball and then got sent off when he dived in to stop Gayle going through on goal but there was no need for Di Canio to talk about his CAPTAIN the way he did after the game. He questioned O’Shea’s leadership and his experience which by itself is harsh when O’Shea is a player who rarely puts a foot wrong but to do it publicly is very poor man-management. He’s a hot head and he’s throwing around blame for his team losing, he’s the manager, he chose the team, he chose the tactics. He went on to say his team don’t have the heart and that’s why he’s requested more players. Well done Paulo your players are going to love playing for you now aren’t they? Maybe they just got a bit cocky because of all the mass amount of confidence you give them? How can a manager say that 3 games into a season? I think Di Canio is my new tip to be first manager to get the sack. To think that this time last year Sunderland had Martin O’Neill as their manager, what a step backwards that is.