Why are we waiting?...

It’s the words lingering in most fans brain box at the moment with the world’s biggest clubs content with meandering between speculation and website chitter chatter. That is of course unless clubs have done deals and are being uncharacteristically patient with announcing transfers to the press but even if that was worth the effort, football clubs aren’t that smart – by no means. We have a few big situations in this current market such as the Suarez saga which is getting right on my tits as well as the Rooney circus and a few other niggling rumours that I’m sure is also giving you itchy chesticles.

Clubs have begun their tours, travelling around the world to places like America, Asia, Australia and Central Europe to raise their global profiles, and despite the main commercial intentions this time is also for players to gel and get ready for the coming season – so it would be good to have you r full squad there wouldn’t it? Fair enough players are rested for playing for their respective nations such as those participating in the unnecessary Confederations Cup. However, is it worth taking a player half way across the world when it’s quite obvious they’ll be flying back prematurely to discuss a move? Or leaving it to buy your main target until after the Pre-season tour so they have less time to gel? Seems risky, especially with the amount of money that’s being thrown about these days, banking on players to gel fast and perform.  This is the case with and Rooney. Rooney joined Man Utd on tour in Thailand and after 2 days has been sent back ‘treatment’ on a hamstring injury. It’s quite a coincidence that such a thing should occur and puts doubt over his future at the club but at the same time, Moyes is encouraged by his meeting with Rooney and have even been too each other’s houses. How about you stop pissing about having brunch and all that bollocks and sort out what you’re up to? How hard is it? I personally think Rooney will stay as he hasn’t really got anywhere else to go.  United have come out and said they are not going to offer Rooney a new deal which I never thought was the question at hand here anyway, it makes it sound like this whole ridiculous situation is just Rooney employing the same tactic  as he did in 2010to get a pay rise, which would be outrageous.

Talking of Man Utd it seems that they paid too much attention to Rooney that they have missed out on their reportedly biggest target in the shape of Thiago of Barcelona. They desperately need some quality in midfield with Scholes retiring, Fletcher expected to be out of action, and Anderson struggling to find consistency. Thiago has been touted as the man they really wanted to be the future heartbeat of the United machine – but well done he’s joined tin-ass Guardiola at Bayern. Now it could be the case that they were never interested and that it was all paper talk but it’s been so widely reported that it was if he had already signed and was even going to be announced as a United player at Moyes first press conference. I don’t know what’s happened here but I think Thiago has made a mistake as I can’t see him getting the game time at Bayern that he has craved at Barca but in saying that, it makes me doubt United were ever in for him. So who is going to be Moyes big signing in the middle of the park? Fellaini has been linked as well as Fabregas, it’s a crucial buy for Moyes and it has slipped under the radar due to the Rooney saga. Looks like another frustrating wait.

Now there is the Suarez thing. It’s quite obvious Suarez is a bit of a scumbag, I’m not saying that he’s wrong for wanting to move because he has been getting a lot of hassle from the press and no doubt feels isolated and very disliked, but for I think Luis should realise he has bitten a man and racially abused another as well as showing his petulant side on more than one occasion. He brings it on himself. Liverpool are desperate to keep hold of him because he is an outstanding player but he has said he is determined to leave. Liverpool need to accept it and the best they can do is get as much money as possible and make sure that he doesn’t go to another English club. If he went to Arsenal, Liverpool fans would be furious and rightly so. For a team that’s rebuilding and should be in the top 4, selling your best player to the competition is out of the question. That’s the least of their worries though, how do you replace him? Liverpool are currently buying young and cheap but they’ll need to splash some big cash to replace Suarez and could even use him a swap deal. If I was Liverpool I’d resign myself to losing him, sell him to Real Madrid, and try to get either Higuain or Benzema in exchange.

Everything remains quiet on the transfer front with clubs keeping their cards firmly against their chest. With the rate its going it looks as though big deals will be happening right through to deadline day on September 1st. However it only takes one big deal to go through and then the wheel will start to spin for example Mario Gomez arrives at Fiorentina, leading to Jovetic being targeted by Man City because they sold Tevez to Juventus. I’m more interested in what Arsenal and Man Utd do in the market as I feel they have the more important decisions to make but blimey they’re taking their time doing it. I wouldn’t hold your breath but the sigh of relief is just around the corner for you big club supporters – well you’d hope so.